== Treasure Guide==

One of the Main Goals of Bandit Nation is to collect Treasures.

Here is a list of the treasures.

For information on how to steal trasures, see the PvP Combat Guide.

Underlined Treasures are targeted by a group.


Coins are the most common and basic form of Bandit Nation treasures.

They are:

  • Chrome Silver Coin
  • Gold Ore Coin
  • Aqua Blue Coin
  • Mars Red Coin
  • Vioket Coin
  • Shale Green Coin
  • Maroon Brown Coins


Wine is usualy Trapped so beware.

The wines are:

  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • Loire
  • Alsace
  • Champagne
  • Provence
  • Rhone


Hats were only released a short while ago and therefore are quite rare.

However they are undoubtably going to drop in rarity once more people get them.

The hats are:

  • Black Hat

  • Straw Hat
  • Dapper Hat
  • Pink Hat
  • Gold Hat
  • Red Hat
  • Green Hat


Finaly starting to get into rare-ish items, Jewels are pretty hard to obtain.

They are:

  • Golden Pearl
  • Diamond

  • Tourmaline
  • Star Ruby

  • Emerald

  • Cat's Eye
  • Tanzanite


This is pretty easy at about level 55. Be careful of traps on the rarer Jazz items however...

Jazz Instruments:

  • Piano
  • Trumpet
  • Saxaphone
  • Drums
  • Double Bass
  • Trombone
  • Guitar


This is a hard collection. Perfumes are not very common.

They are:

  • Citrus Perfume
  • Fruity Perfume
  • Oriental Perfume
  • Fresh Perfume
  • Spicy Perfume
  • Green Perfume
  • Sweet Perfume

Stuffed AnimalsEdit

This is a hard collection until about level 80. These treasures seem to get stolen along with

a lot more cash than most other collections.

The animals are:

  • Stuffed Lion
  • Stuffed Eagle
  • Stuffed Wolf
  • Stuffed Deer
  • Stuffed Tiger
  • Stuffed Bear
  • Stuffed Crocodile


This collection is very RARE! BEWARE MANY TRAPS.

They are:

  • Cross Ring
  • Crown Bracelet
  • Sparkling Earring
  • Star Necklace
  • Cross Pendant
  • Tri Pinky Ring
  • Crown Keychain


This collection is very RARE! BEWARE MANY TRAPS.

They are:

  • Ship Crest
  • Knight's Crest
  • King's Crest
  • Peace Crest
  • Shield Crest
  • Star Crest
  • Queen's Crest