== Robber==

  • Robber is the most basic rank in Bandit Nation.
  • It is started as soon as you first sign into the game.
  • The theme of the rank is mindless theft.
  • The payout is moderately low but sufficient to the newer players of the game.


Name Payout EXP Henchmen

Pick the Pickpocket's


+$10 +1 -1

Stickup the bank


+$18 +2 -2

Raid the Drug

Dealers' Stash

+$20 +2 -2

Steal the Biker

Gang's Hogs

+$35 +3 -3

Lift the Fake


+$43 +4 -4

  • Note*

The first time you attempt these missions, they will require less henchmen.

Once you beat the boss for the first time, they will become the amounts listed above.