== PvP Combat== The easiest way to obtain all the trasures efficiently is to battle other players for them.

Therefore, learning how to do this is a pretty useful thing.

First up, click the Battle Button, found on the home screen.

Then select the treasure you need.

Select a player with similar (within 1000) or lower attack power than you.

If you are Smart, Pick Seductive.

If you are Seductive, Pick Strong.

If you are Strong, Pick Smart.

Send in an ammount of henchmen that equals about your oponents attack power but is close to their number of defense henchmen.

If you loose, always call for support.


Many players are going to be attacking you, and traps are a very inefficient way to counter this.

My method is to have a whole load of ATTACK henchmen, and very few DEFENSE henchmen.

Make sure your attack and defense powers are as different as possible, this will make it considerably

harder for your attacker to calculate your defense power from your attack.